Chapter 5 + Chapter 6 Review

In a short summary of a couple important points covered in Chapter 5, I will bring up what two combined design elements come together to make a “shape”, and how negative space can be used to form a shape that enhances an image. First, the two combined design elements of line and area. This means that a shape is the basic outline of an object formed by a line and the area enclosed by that line. Next, negative space can be used to create a shape that enhances an image by creating an area with an imaginary outline. Just as we did in class with the stool, rather than drawing the stool itself, we drew all but the stool, and pictured it as if we had a completely white backdrop behind it, whereas all you would do is draw the white area. As a finished project, the stool was visible because of the negative space around it being used to show what it was.

Chapter 6 covers value and what affects it, and how it affects a design. Value, when applied to design, refers to the variation of light and dark areas within a design. This can be applied to an image that uses only one color (monochromatic) to an image that uses many colors. One thing that can greatly affect value is the position of a light source. This is why if it was pitch black in an image, and the light source was below an object, it would make absolutely no sense to have the reflection of a light source on top of the object. A designer must pay attention to things like this, because they are absolutely crucial in a drawing or design.



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