Color Harmonies

This project helped me to notice things used in advertising I never would have thought about before. Seeing the way colors are used in business/marketing/advertising is interesting and not something many people even notice. I honestly walked into this project thinking it would be difficult, but these color harmonies are used in everything.


Chapter 8+9 Review

Ch.8+9 Review

Chapter 8 covers color. There are many aspects of color that were reviewed in this chapter, but I will focus on three of them. Tint, shade, and intensity are three highly influential factors in color and how it can effect a design and an image. First, tint is a degree of lightness of a color’s value. An example of which is adding white to another color, the result is a tint. This is the opposite of shade, which is a degree of darkness of a color’s value. An example of this is red, with some black. The result will be a darker SHADE of red. Intensity, is also another characteristic of color which isĀ  the amount of pure hue present in a specific color, it’s also known as saturation.

Chapter 9 covers using colors, and some meaning colors have that many may not know about. Some things mentioned are complementary colors, contrasting colors, and colors that can present certain emotions to the human mind. One color category is complementary colors, which are colors that are opposite eachother on the color wheel. Contrasting colors are using light and dark colors as design elements. The last I will cover is the effects of colors on human emotions, for example blue can mean sad. Another few examples are angry with red, green with envy, yellow with cowardice, and there are many more. Colors are one of the largest, most important factors in design.