“Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?”-Video Review

The movie Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock? honestly brought up a few questions in my head about how people look at art. Truthfully, the main thing I would wonder is how someone can analyze a piece of art that is so randomly put together, as if they can interpret exactly what was going through Jackson Pollock’s mind when he was creating his pieces. The so called “experts” claim to be able to tell what is a Pollock and what isn’t, by the ways the colors overlay each other, and how “one splash needs to be here, not running below that splatter” which does not make sense to me. Honestly, I believe Teri has a Jackson Pollock painting, and I respect her perseverence through the struggle of proving to the world what it really is. I’m certainly no expert, and could easily be wrong, but it is my firm belief that Teri has a Pollock. TheĀ painting is unique, and appears in the same style as the other works, of course there is undeniable differences between the paintings, but it is over-analyzed by some people who over estimate their own abilities. Not everything is traceable, and there are gaps in every story, I only believe this makes the piece more unique by attaching the mystery to it… Where did it come from? … and Where has it been? At this point, I wish Teri the best of luck in proving her painting as a legit Jackson Pollock.


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