Artistic Style

The first thing I’ll go over in this post are a few concepts that were covered in the chapter over Artistic Style in the “Design Fundamentals For New Media” textbook. “Style” is defined as the manner in which something is done in the aspect of design, or a reference to a particular movement in art. Style can be used as many things including a context. When used as a context your style will be used to create a world in which the information will exist. This means that by changing the way, and the style the information is presented, it can create a different feel to it.

On the subject of Artistic Style, I chose to do some research on Pointillism and will review a few things about it. First off, Pointillism is an Artistic Style which uses small points or dots of pure color being applied in patterns to form an image. The name “Pointillism” itself was actually a term developed by art critics in the late 1880’s to mock the work of these artists, as they did not take it seriously. A famous Pointillism painting “La Parade de Cirque” by Seurat is shown below.



I have also done an Old Western Ad for an iPod. This shows how style affects the entire look of something and how it will be interpreted. 



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