I Am From…

I am from the blue bunk bed in my old room, from my old 80’s TV and SEGA Genesis that are now hidden away in boxes. I am from the average sized, roomy yet cozy house where I always feel welcome. I am from the flower bed in the back yard, and the big pine tree out front, whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.ImageImageImage

I’m from family-filled Holidays and Super Bowl parties, from my loud-mouth dad and obnoxious mom. I’m from where people scream at the TV over sports, light bonfires in the backyard, and go through beer faster than most families cut through a gallon of milk.Image

I’m from “work for what you want and need” and “rely on no one but yourself” and “respect is earned, not given” I’m from having big dinners and gatherings for every ridiculous reason under the sun. I’m from Salina, and Germany.

I am from carry-out pizza, and burgers from the grill. From my dad, who died at age 16 from Asthma, but was brought back to life and is still going strong today. I am from pictures of our family cruise to Cancun, and the boxes of childhood stuff tucked away in the storage room.Image


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