Ideas For Black History Month Posters

Here are my ideas of some important figures, places, etc. for our Black History Month Posters.

1.(Obviously) Brown vs. Board of Education

2. George Washington Carver

3. 10th Cavalry at Fort Larned-Buffalo Soldiers

4. (I don’t know if locations count, but…) Nicodemus, Kansas(Founded by African Americans)

5. Aaron Douglas(Painter, born in Topeka)

6. Kansas African American Museum (Wichita)

7. Exodusters (Migrated to KS shortly after Civil War)

8. Fort Hays State Historic Site (Coincides w/ Buffalo Soldiers)

9. Minnie Lee Crosthwaite (One of KC’s first black social workers)

10. Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks (Multimedia-Basically…)


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