Week 1 Summary

Well, while technically it’s week two… It’s been a little tough getting into the rhythm of things. I feel as if taking on a few of these new sites is a bit overwhelming at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll find a productive and manageable way to use everything. This week for the first time I’ve created a Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, (and something else I now can’t even remember) plus I have this blog! It’ll be different signing into something other than facebook on a daily basis. I haven’t gotten too much of a chance to stroll around ds106’s page, but I will get to that as time permits. I guess all that’s left to say is kinda what I’ve posted, which isn’t much. But I do have a few posts below this one that you can check out, and like I said I have a flickr account, http://www.flickr.com/photos/supracharged/ … That’s about all I’ve gotten to. So far nothing has presented too much of an issue to me, I just hope we can put all this to good use and learn something from it.


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