Black History Month Poster Ideas w/ Reasons

In reference to my previous list of ideas for our Black History Month posters, I’ve been asked to give some background information on each topic, and expand on my interests relating to each. So here you go…

1.Brown vs. Board of Education- My interest in this stems from the fact of how huge of an event this was. It was a huge turning point which proved we would enforce the integration of blacks and whites. 

2. George Washington Carver-This guy was insanely smart. Though he was born into slavery.. Once that was over, the rest of his life consisted of his positions as a scientist, botanist, teacher, and inventor. He is well known for his work with alternative crops to cotton, primarily peanuts.

3. 10th Cavalry at Fort Larned-Buffalo Soldiers-These guys were the first “all black” cavalrys, as the name was given by Congress. Their other name was the “Negro Cavalry” as given by the Native American tribes they fought. I think that’s pretty cool that they received their own special name from Congress.

4. Nicodemus, Kansas-This small town was founded by African Americans during the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War. Shockingly, this town thrived and had a population of about 700 in it’s peak time. It’s surprising to me that this town did as well as it did, and I’m impressed with the people who made it happen. That’s a great accomplishment.

5. Aaron Douglas-Aaron was born in Topeka, Kansas and took an interest to art at an early age.. He became a famous painter and played an important part in the Harlem Renaissance. 

6. Kansas African American Museum-Well for obvious reasons this is important. In fact, it’s so self explanatory, I’m not going to say any more!

7. Exodusters -Group of blacks who came from states along the Mississippi River to Kansas in the late nineteenth century, as part of the Exoduster Movement or Exodus of 1879.. It was the first big migration of blacks after the Civil War. I don’t know why this was interesting to me, but it caught my attention.

8. Fort Hays State Historic Site-This site has held a ton of important groups/people which is cool as it is. But, the Buffalo soldiers also stayed in it multiple times and that just makes it even more unique.

9. Minnie Lee Crosthwaite (One of KC’s first black social workers)-Minnie was a very prominent advance in the position of blacks in our nation, particularly the Kansas area. She worked her way to a position as 1/4 Social Workers in the KC area, she eventually became the Director of The Outpatient Clinic at the hospital she worked for. This woman made an unbelievable amount of progress.

10. Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks-My interest in Gordon is because he was basically multimedia (for what it was back then) and that, of course is the kind of field I’m studying in. 


2 thoughts on “Black History Month Poster Ideas w/ Reasons

  1. Good stuff, Gordon Parks especially. It seems like many of us have the same ideas for our posters, but then again, how much history is there with African Americans and Kansas that is worth researching?

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