Podcasts Research

As part of my Digital Media 1 class, we were instructed to delve into the (what I thought was forgotten) world of podcasting.. What it started as, how it grew, and what it has become. So to start out, let’s analyze the name of it, Podcast. Well any human with a brain would know where we got this name.. iPod+Broadcast=Podcast. But this form of media is not simply limited to the ipod, or small mp3 device for that matter.. It can be accessed through a podcatcher, mp3 player, or a computer. These little podcasts are audio, video, or PDF files that are downloaded and used episodically. In 2004, podcasting got it’s name, popularity, and it’s take-off. There were however, some things similar in style to a podcast pre-2004. Though I’ve never been into podcasts at all, I do remember when I got my first mp3 back in 2007 that it was a fairly popular concept.. Since then, I believe the interest in it has declined massively. I just don’t really hear about podcasts anymore.

As far as creating a podcast goes, well, it’s a fairly simple idea honestly. With a few of the proper tools, you could get something going out there. Basically you need a way to record whatever media you will be presenting your podcast by, be it video, audio, or image.. A place to store the file, and a way to share it. This is virtually all there is to getting a basic podcast out there. Now to generate interest in it, you would have to certainly do a few more things, but that’s on a separate level.

As part of this assignment, I had to pick a few podcasts that sprung an interest to me.. So I did a quick search on what the top popular podcasts are right now and had a listen to them. Their names are the “Freakonomics Radio”, “Dumbasse’s Guide to Knowledge”, and “Stuff you Should Know”…. Overall I’d have to say I found listening to these to just be a bit more obnoxious than enjoyable. I’d attempted to listen to podcasts before and could never manage to get myself into them. Normally I’d just stick to my iPod or radio in my car and am just fine with that. So honestly, I think if podcasting would have become more popular.. and may have killed radio in general.. But since things like Sirius XM Radio has come out, giving people the options to choose exactly what they want to hear almost like a TV channel.. I see podcasting gaining nothing on our current forms of media. To me, podcasting is sailing towards the grave.


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