Design Assignments and Daily Creates (Past Few Weeks)

Well, I’ve been busy lately… Really busy. So I’ve spent all morning attempting to get caught up on my 15 points worth of Design Assigments, and a few Daily Create’s on DS106’s site. You can go to if you want to see some of the things that are being done right now. As far as my design assignments that were done here’s links to them:

Bumper Sticker:

How To Brian O’Connor:

Full Metal Jacket Trading Card:

Billboard Design:

AutoBiography Cover:


Life Flashed Before Eyes:

Picture In Car w/ Movie Title:

There’s one more on there, but it’s a text assignment that you’d have to track down on the ds106 website. 

For the most part, the assignments were interesting and fun, but at the same time I have a lot going on and really felt the impact of having to knock it all out. I got back into using Adobe Illustrator, and that was a good feeling.. I’d been out of it for awhile and it made me think about design elements I hadn’t in awhile.



2 thoughts on “Design Assignments and Daily Creates (Past Few Weeks)

  1. OK … I’m really eager to hear what you came up with … but lets make sure that you are uploading things properly – images should first be uploaded to flickr, sound to sound cloud and video to youtube … and then linked or embedded into your page. This means that your media is actually hosted on other peoples servers and then embedded or linked to our server. We can talk about it in class.

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