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I’ve been doing some research into what Social Media Marketing can do for a business. It is such a critical factor now that Digital Media has taken over the world as we know it. It’s been stated that it is even harmful to your business if you choose to try to ignore Digital Media. Businesses are needing people to manage their Social Media presence, bringing forth a new career opportunity for many studying in the field of Digital Media. Here are a few videos relating to that topic. Media Marketing Basic For Small Business-Facebook: A long but informative video on how important Social Media is in business, with focus on facebook and the opportunities and benefits it offers. Media For Business: A short, yet great video on how Digital Media is taking over. Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media For Business: Another short video, but entertaining and educational on the Do’s and Don’ts of representing your businesses Social Media presence.


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Social Media Marketer

I have chosen to cover Social Media Marketer because it is what I intend to do in the future as part of my career, I also am already managing the Social Media presence for my current employer.


  • Business Owners Speak Out on Impact of Social Media- Hall, John R
  • How Social Media Revolution Challenges Business It Requires New Skill Sets Employee interactions via Facebook, Chatter more visible, can aid teamwork- KONTZER, TONY
  • Social media brings business, but complicates security- Messmer, Ellen
  • Ignoring Social Media Endangers Future Business- Harris, Angela D.
  • Strengthen Your Business With SOCIAL MEDIA- Grosfield, Howard
  • Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business- Johnson, N J
  • Social Life: How Social Media Can Boost Your Business- Pellett, Christina
  • Grow Your Business With Social Media- Clarke, Eric
  • IASA 2011: Young, Young at Heart Find Social Media An Important Step in Doing Business Today- Robert Regis Hyle



A social media marketer is an ever growing important figure in business today as the world is quickly going digital. Generally you will not see a business without a facebook page or website anymore, whereas ten years ago it would’ve been normal to have neither. This has left some businesses dragging behind with the need of someone with a proper skill set to manage their social media presence, hence the creation of a Social Media Marketer position. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and potentially a few other social media sites are the main places used to connect with a customer/potential customer base with ease. This has eliminated numerous “outdated” means of contact and such. The articles I have located cover some of the benefits of having a social media presence, the downfalls of not having this, and how it has grown and will continue to grow. I plan to cover all of these points with reference to my own work as a Social Media specialist at my current job.