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Social Media Marketer

I have chosen to cover Social Media Marketer because it is what I intend to do in the future as part of my career, I also am already managing the Social Media presence for my current employer.


  • Business Owners Speak Out on Impact of Social Media- Hall, John R
  • How Social Media Revolution Challenges Business It Requires New Skill Sets Employee interactions via Facebook, Chatter more visible, can aid teamwork- KONTZER, TONY
  • Social media brings business, but complicates security- Messmer, Ellen
  • Ignoring Social Media Endangers Future Business- Harris, Angela D.
  • Strengthen Your Business With SOCIAL MEDIA- Grosfield, Howard
  • Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business- Johnson, N J
  • Social Life: How Social Media Can Boost Your Business- Pellett, Christina
  • Grow Your Business With Social Media- Clarke, Eric
  • IASA 2011: Young, Young at Heart Find Social Media An Important Step in Doing Business Today- Robert Regis Hyle



A social media marketer is an ever growing important figure in business today as the world is quickly going digital. Generally you will not see a business without a facebook page or website anymore, whereas ten years ago it would’ve been normal to have neither. This has left some businesses dragging behind with the need of someone with a proper skill set to manage their social media presence, hence the creation of a Social Media Marketer position. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and potentially a few other social media sites are the main places used to connect with a customer/potential customer base with ease. This has eliminated numerous “outdated” means of contact and such. The articles I have located cover some of the benefits of having a social media presence, the downfalls of not having this, and how it has grown and will continue to grow. I plan to cover all of these points with reference to my own work as a Social Media specialist at my current job. 


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