Networking Lab 1

Objectives: The objectives for our first lab were:

1. Create a blog.

2. Join/ Edit the Networking Class Wiki.

3. Create a Diigo account and join the KSU Networking Diigo Group, then share a webpage on that group.

4. Write a lab report and post it here.

Equipment List: A computer with internet connection 

Notes and Observations: I had already created a blog (this) and a Diigo account for my previous Digital Media courses, so that part was already taken care of. I then joined our Networking Wiki and made sure I was able to post into it. I posted a Networking related article into our Diigo group, and that finished the lab.

References: Lab handout

Questions: None

Conclusions: I accessed my Diigo, blog, and networking wiki accounts and double checked to be sure I could post in each.


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