Optional Cable Making Lab Exercise (Lab 2)

Objectives: The objectives for this lab were to create a straight-through cable, which is used to connect a computers NIC to a Hub. We were also to create a crossover cable which allows two different computers to share files while connected. 

Equipment: Crimp tool, wire cutter, 3-feet of CAT5 UTP, 2 RJ-45 connectors, and a simple network system or tester.

Notes and Observations: My partner and I gathered the necessary tools and supplies. We then used a wire cutter to remove the RJ-45 connector from the end of the CAT5 cable. Immediately after, we stripped the insulation to partially expose some of the wiring. We then straightened the wires out and organized them as follows: (Left>Right) Orange Stripe, Orange, Green Stripe, Blue, Blue Stripe, Green, Brown Stripe, Brown. After performing this on both ends of the cable, we tested our connection. It worked, so we moved onto the next portion of the lab assignment.

We then did a crossover connection, which follows the same process for assembly, but the arrangement of the internal wires are different. They are as follows: (Left>Right) Green Stripe, Green, Orange Stripe, Blue, Blue Stripe, Orange, Brown Stripe, Brown. We performed this once again on both ends and we tested our connection, which worked.

Diagram: Image

References: Lab Handout

Questions: No questions.

Conclusions: Nicholas and I created a crossover connection, and a straight-through connection, both working successfully.


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