Mid-Semester Progress for Digital Media Project

I am about to hit the road to Sealy, TX where the TX2K14 event is being held, as tradition. This is the 15th year of this event, and I’m excited to be attending for my second time. I have been studying the videos posted by 1320Video, HighTechCorvette, and ThatRacingChannel on YouTube. I am also very experienced with racing and being at the track. I have put together a list of shots, both video and photo that I would like to achieve while I am there..

Video: End of track (Cars at 150+ mph crossing line)

Start of track (Cars launching, doing burnouts, etc.)

Mariott Hotel Parking Lot Meet

Interstate Racing

In-Car Video

Video of crowd, and event gathering

Photo: Close-ups of turbochargers

Close-ups of wheels

Close-ups of Cam Sprockets

Rear Shot of Burnout

Side Shot of Supra on Anti-Lag with Flames


I am sure there will be much more to my project than what I have posted, but I am out of time and need to hit the road for this 9 hour drive.


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