Lab Exercise 7 Part 2-Physically Setting Up a Network Using Subnetting

Objectives: We were to plan a network by drawing a diagram of the set up on the board, then proceed to set up the network across the classroom and successfully have everyone connected when we finished.

Equipment List: Multiple Computers, Network Cables, Switches, Routers, and People who know what they’re doing

Notes and Observations: While I was a bit slow on getting up to speed with some of the more (Networky) people in the class, I got in the rhythm. The physical part of setting up the network was very simple, then it was up to us to configure it on our computers using Network Configuration Software. Once we were all set up, I was able to ping others in my group, and people across the room. We did, however find a bad network cable during this exercise, and swapped it out. Upon changing the network cable, everything worked fine and we were all able to successfully reach each other.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures: Image

References: The lab handout

Questions: None

Conclusions: We successfully set up and configured a network among ourselves in the room. This exercise really helped to solidify a lot of information for me. I was glad I did it.


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